Man of the hour, President TRUMP, our POTUS…the crowd loves him and we love him….he is making history and helping the American people.

War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control

Check out @realDonaldTrump’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/955658992793149440?ref_src=twcamp%5Eshare%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Edefault%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E2

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This is Iran/Contra all over again….don’t you just love the way they explain WHY we have never shut down the poppy fields, or WHY we have never prosecuted anyone for trafficking…………OH, and BTW, where is all that money going………….you know, the profits from the poppy production, the Taliban didn’t take it all….WE KNOW THAT!…….SO EXACTLY WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?………..did it perhaps find it’s way to Al Gore’s house, or Maxine Waters, or Not so sharp’s house, …….oh I have it figured out……that money from the poppy production went into that Congressional Slush Fund For Sexual Deviants……that is where that money went…to pay for all their legal fees(should be called “illegal” fees). The money was put into our gov’t, and then diced up…..and somewhere along the line……our congressmen/women…..got some funds…now you can take that to the bank…..along with all the elites….you see, if you just step back and look at the big picture, you will figure this thing out………..99% of DC is on the elites payroll…….HRC wasn’t worried about criminal charges…you heard her say “at this point, what difference does it make”, if your life hung in the balance – would you be talking like that …….no, NOT unless I knew the fix was it………………you people don’t get it………………………..the fix was already in!……just like with the poppy production…………….a duplicate of Iran/Contra, only richer and bigger and longer lasting……..wonder if old ollie got his cut………we sure know GHWB got his………and sure that ‘o’ got his…………….the rest of us, GOT LEFT OUT!………….#DRAINTHESWAMP……..#MAGA……we need out country back! We need law and order in DC……….


Afghan poppy farmers extract raw opium from poppy heads in fields in Zhera disrict west of Kandahar

Commander In Chief Donald Trump is bombing the heck out of the CIA’S Opium Labs – thwarting all the cartel dollars and taking over the corrupt C.I.A.  For those of you out there who had been saying things like “Psyop – If that Marine Troops were at CIA in Langley why didn’t we know about it?  Where are the pictures?”  Good grief!  President Trump said many times on the campaign trail and in televised debates (several of them) that when he is President he will take care of the problems and, “You won’t know what I’m going to do.  That’s stupid to tell the enemy on this day at this time…we are going to fly over and bomb you.”  He said when he was president he would take care of the problems and you will hear about it after it happens.  I will protect America.


Today, the chief prosecutor of…

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VIDEO Pedophilia Is the New Normal: The Anti-Christian Movement Is Led by Google, Netflix – Whistleblower Beware

The entertainment industry, the gov’t offices, Washington, DC use the sex trade in dealing with other countries and their elites, the sex services are offered and then used as blackmail evidence to get them the power they want and need to control us…please take a look at what is going on….educate yourself to what is happening in your world…….if for no other reason than to protect your own children….

Reclaim Our Republic

Pedophilia Is the New Normal: The Anti-Christian Movement Is Led by Google and Netflix

Oct 24, 2017 by Dave Hodges

Jesus and his Christian followers had a very special place in their hearts for children. The Bible admonishes all parents to protect their children with their lives and to fulfill their duty of raising up their children to obey and fear God. I am reminded what the Bible says about the requirement to protect the children in Luke 17:2  as the word of God proclaims:

“It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

The War Against Christian Values is Being Ramped Up-No Child Is Safe

There is a dual revolution taking place, today, in America. This revolution  involves the overturn of sexual values and an agenda to normalize pedophilia.

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VIDEO Fmr Congresswoman: If Trump Goes After High-Level Pedophiles, It Will Take Down Dems And Republicans

This is horrible and needs to stop….we must help President TRUMP abolish these organizations that are designed to entertain the elites in politics and the wealthy donors….this has to STOP!

Reclaim Our Republic

Fmr Congresswoman: If Trump Goes After High-Level Pedophiles, It Will Take Down Dems And Republicans

March 1, 2017 By Matt Agorist

If there is one thing that’s consistent about Donald Trump, it’s that he is horribly inconsistent [ I disagree]. Whether it be flip-flopping on states’ rights for cannabis laws or praising NATO after promising to leave it, where Trump stands on the issues is a crap shoot. That being said, however, there is one issue on which Trump has remained steadfast, it is bipartisan, and everyone should agree on it — it’s time to stop human trafficking. And a former Democrat congresswoman from Georgia agrees.

It is important to note that human trafficking is not the same as working in the sex industry. Those who work in the sex trade, voluntarily, are not victims of human trafficking. However, they often find themselves victims of the government and the black…

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VIDEO Cult ‘Pizzagate’ About To Explode – Deep State Secret Societies: Skull & Bones, Bohemians, Illuminati

President TRUMP is on the rampage to destroy the deep state, and many are awakening to a new day……help take down this awful mess, that has nearly destroyed society as we know it…..prayer for those caught in this trap is a must……these articles are truth and the truth needs to be known to the public…..We are fighting demonic spirits…..Thanks for this post.

Reclaim Our Republic


marina Abramovic & john podesta & lady gaga

They who have endulged in sex trafficking and pedophilia rings all knew how President Trump felt about their sport. They knew he would make it a priority to end their pasta, cheese, pizza, spirit cooking, human trafficking pedophilia parties!


Follow the indictments and arrests for pedophilia charges. All of this will lead to the biggest human trafficking bust in history.
On October 8, 2012, Trump tweeted:
“Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”


Then came the day the nation elected Donald John Trump and he took the office. One short month later, on Feb. 23, 2017 President Trump gave a press conference from the White House addressing how human trafficking is a “dire problem” domestically and internationally.

President Trump said: “Dedicated men and women across the…

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Update Your Avatar on WordPress.com

Great new addition, thank you WordPress…I love it!
Emily Bernstein a/k/a TheFinder

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We’ve given one of our favorite features a boost! You can now manage your profile photo, or avatar, right on WordPress.com. This avatar, powered by a service called Gravatar, is the image that represents you online — a thumbnail that appears next to your name when you interact on blogs and websites. With this recently refined feature, you can upload, edit, and update your avatar at wordpress.com/me.

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UN Forces on American Soil!

UN Forces on American Soil!


“While Obama was in office, he allowed the United Nations to start establishing a presence within American cities with a global police force, sneaking his plot to give America’s sovereignty away under the guise of a organization called the Strong Cities Network. This unconstitutional move was largely criticized by patriotic groups, as the Constitution requires a treaty before allowing any foreign military presence to base itself on American soil. In a shocking move, the United Nations is now using Charlottesville incident as a way to grab power in our country, and unconstitutionally take over one of our cities.”

Every day we are seeing more and more requests for the UN Forces to appear on American soil.  This is coming largely from the left, the demonicRATS, who want to have globalization and the NWO so bad that they are willing to sacrifice everyone of us for the sake of their ideology…..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

We have fought some very hard wars recently, and in the past, we are not about to lay down for this, or even sit still, we are avidly admonishing everyone to take heed, lest we be faced with the UN…..there is a story behind this……..

You see, the plan was to have Hillary win the election then she had agreed to appoint Oblummer as head of the UN…this was their private agreement…….

Well, guess what happened………oh, you know the rest of the story……so now, they are trying to cause enough rukus so that POTUS will have to declare martial law…..that is why this is so confusing………we are NOT going to allow them to do this to us…we are going to remain calm….and we are going…..to let our leader, President TRUMP tell us what is happening……

If we get into conflicts with the left, especially the protestors and the Antifa and the BLM, then we become one, fighting for ideas….no no no….we do not want to get caught up in this quagmire….because, we will suffer……

Instead, listen for the call from POTUS himself…if it is needed we STAND at the READY!

When the signal is given then we will act…..they will be totally surprised, because you see we have been preparing for this for a long time…….

We are not racists, we are not white supremacists, we come in all colors, and ethnicities, we stand at the ready to wage war, if we have to, and if our leader, POTUS calls for us.

Never underestimate your enemy, know them and make plans. God is in control and we have the advantage….stay prayed up and listen to the good and true news, everyday….do not let the social media, or the news media distort the facts, YOU are smarter than that. so get yourselves together….

First, you will need to listen to people we know what is happening, and they are out there, please take note…..Unite America First….with Will Johnson is a good place to start, he has multiple videos at Youtube.com………Also, Scott Kesterson, CEO of The American Brand….please get with these people and listen to them….if you can volunteer, now is the time…..

I appreciate all my readers and listeners, stay tuned for more info..and read, research, be in the know, so that when they ask, you will have an answer…….only the TRUTH, shall set you free!

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Let’s continue the good fight….#LETFREEDOMRING….