How to Fix Your Writing When It’s Lifeless, Tedious, or Even Downright Stupid


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 How to Fix Your Writing When It’s Lifeless, Tedious, or Even Downright Stupid

Happens to the best of us, you know.

We’ve all been told to let the words flow loose and easy and free, but instead, we stiffen up like a British banker before his annual rectal exam.

It feels horrible too. Instead of enjoying writing like we’re supposed to, we end up gritting our teeth through the entire experience, knowing something just ain’t right but feeling so uncomfortable that we can’t help sounding like a robot.

The good news is that deliverance is at hand. Like any good friend, I hereby pronounce myself ready to pry said stick out of your posterior, curing you of robotitus once and for all.

Let us begin. (this article was written by my friend Jon Morrow, who is an excellent writer)

Go to this link to finish reading his article…I found it fascinating….or just click on the title of the article.

The Potential of Internet Income

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN by George Little (written for SFI and affiliates)

In this lesson, you will learn the three factors which assure us of continued exponential Internet growth. These three factors are: Moore’s Law, acceptance of digital environments, and convergence. You will learn how these principles prove that Internet marketing will have exponential growth and exponential results for decades to come. You will learn how to best position yourself as a home-based entrepreneur to take advantage of the digital opportunities that lie ahead.

The full article can be read at 

How to make Income on the Internet

nullMaking Income on the Internet has become a new career for thousands of people because of the economy, because they lost their job, because they got tired of the concrete jungle and decided to work from home.


There are many demands on people who work from home, they must schedule their day if they want to succeed, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a bad fall.

It would help if your outstanding debts were paid off, credit card debt is killer if your just starting out in the Work at Home field….

Make sure that you have an office in some part of your home away from the bustle of daily life that goes on.  The daily bustle will distract you and your positive process of thinking.

Working from home is wonderful but you must realize that there are going to be good days and bad days, just keep reminding yourself that it beats having to meet company quotas, an angry discouraged boss, you can never be fired, you are now the boss, so you must think like a company owner because that is what you are. You own your own company now and no one can stop you but you and your thought process.

Everyday, tell yourself how wonderful you are and think nothing but positive thoughts, within 30 days you will start to think differently about your ability to succeed and then you will be on the fast track to success.

Tell yourself you are worth a million dollars and go for the million dollars.

Working from home is a sales job, you say you don’t like sales, well let me give you some history.  Sales is the oldest profession, not what you expected…you see Eve had to sell her idea to Adam in the garden of Eden, so like Eve you must sell your idea to family, friends and your networking partners.


If you are to be successful, you must meet people and make friends with them before you sell your idea to them.  You also cannot jump on the social media and blast everyone with your new gimmick, you must make friends first and find out what they, your friends need, where can you fill the gap in their lives.

When people ask about your business, don’t give them some canned speech, be prepared to tell them what you do.  You help people to live their dreams, offer to give them a FREE consultation…follow up with them on what is missing in their lives…


Read everything on your business and every positive input ebook or book that you can to keep yourself motivated. SFI has a wonderful book on sale for only $.01 cent…..get several of these and give them to your friends, the title is Networking in the New Milennium 2013. Some of the greatest information you will find in this book..I advise you to keep it in your library and start building a collection of uplifting books authored by those that have been where you are now.

Tomorrow we will delve in-depth more on this topic…in the meantime I would like to send you a FREE copy of Networking in the New millennium so that you can get started with your new business….or maybe you have been in business and just want to get some new and fresh ideas….just fill out the form below and I will send you the book within 10 days….

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