Did you know…A potentially easy way to awaken sleeping affiliates?

Reassigning is a blessing for both parties, the receiver can use their skills to translate our business training to the new PSA he has rec’d and get that person started on his journey in SFI….I use different frontline people and assign all that come into their region to them individually. This makes my business grow, and help my frontline people to grow. It’s a WIN WIN!
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GenealogyImageInactive PSAs can be a real source of concern and frustration for SFI sponsors. But the solution could be as easy as a simple reassignment–specifically, a reassignment to one of your active Affiliates from the same country or who speaks the same language.

Why? Because, as SFI continues to spread around the world, language difficulties and cultural differences could become more of an issue among SFI Affiliates in growing downlines. These communication barriers may discourage new PSAs from non-English speaking countries and result in their giving up on SFI.

Why not take advantage of the growing diversity in your downline by pairing up these inactive PSAs with appropriate leaders in your team?  This easy, no-brainer solution could reawaken their interest in SFI and get them building their own businesses…not to mention giving your team the added benefit of motivating your existing leaders to continue spreading the word about SFI in…

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More winners for Gold Streak!

#GoldStreak, this is the new twitter post, try it, and let’s make this go viral……we keep getting rewarded for playing games at TripleClicks…WOW, I must go play and see if I can win some points……The Finder

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GoldCoinStacksEffective today, so there can be more daily winners, we are now awarding shares of the Gold Streak daily Zackpot to the top EIGHT longest streaks.

  • All contest entrants with the longest streak for the day will receive 8 shares of the day’s Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the second-longest streak will receive 5 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the third-longest streak will receive 4 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the fourth-longest streak will receive 3 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the fifth-longest streak will receive 2 share of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the sixth– through eighth-longest streak will receive 1 share of the Zackpot.

If you haven’t played our popular Gold Streak game yet, check it out HERE.  Tip: Each play earns you 5 MRP.  One play of Gold Streak also gets you an entry in the DAILY CROWN…

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TripleClicks Milestone: 4 Million TripleClicks Members!

TripleClicks has reached a milestone…4 MILLION members….WOW….we are growing so rapidly, I am so glad to be a part of this great organization…I am growing too, building my business and helping others to build their businesses! COME JOIN us and let us show you what we do at TripleCllicks, we build businesses, we play games, we go to the AUCTION and bid and WIN items for pennies on the dollar…nice items in the AUCTION, we have Dyson vacuums, movies, BBQ grills, Cell phones, iphones, iPads, electronics, jewelry, etc. etc…

If we don’t sell it, YOU don’t need it!!!!!!

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Wow!Button2Woo-Hoo! TripleClicks now has more than FOUR MILLION Members in 203 countries!

A big congrats and thank you to our many, many affiliates who made the millions of referrals to help us achieve this major milestone!

Help us continue spreading the word about all the great stuff available at TripleClicks: great deals on more than 88,000 products, Pricebenders penny auctions, Hot Deals, Closeout specials, Eager Zebra Games, and more!

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Did you get your free TCredits this month?

It’s PAYDAY at SFI….thank you, I got my TCredits and I got my commissions…..WOW……what great service from #1 company on the internet, they have never been late nor have I EVER missed a commission check, thank you SFI/TC, such a wonderful job!
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TCreditsCommissions and perks have recently been processed for April, and we wanted to remind you that if you were at least a second-month EA (Executive Affiliate) last month, we’ve just added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, download songs from TripleClicks Music, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

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New TCredits exchange policy at Pricebenders

This is a good idea, for those that have changed their minds. I would like to see this NOT be abused though…..when you know that an item cannot be shipped to your country, WHY would you bid on it anyway?

These are questions, I am sure, that Mr. Carson has gone over carefully and has decided to reinstate the exchange for TC credits into the Pricebenders program..
Good luck to all!
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Effective immediately, we will be allowing winners of auctions to optionally exchange items won for TCredits, up to three times per month.

How will I know an exchange of TCredits is available to me?
When you go to check out, for the item you’ve won, you’ll see the offer.  If you want to accept the offer, simply select it and the TCredits will immediately be added to your account.

If I accept the TCredits, what happens to the item I won?
If will go back into inventory to be auctioned later.

Why would someone want to take TCredits instead of the item they’ve been bidding on?
There are a number of reasons and we receive many tickets about this.  Sometimes the check-out price is more than the winner has available to pay.  Sometimes the winner has second thoughts (Buyer’s Remorse).  Sometimes winners have mistakenly bid for an item we cannot…

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TeamMail Update: Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, and other non-Western alphabets supported

This is an excellent,much needed, and long overdue step in the right direction.

My compliments to “the chef” who cooked this up, GREAT move forward and will keep us right on the competition!

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SFI News Square IconThe SFI system now supports non-Western alphabets and characters in the PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, and TeamMail at your Genealogy report. Use this new functionality to create and send messages to fellow SFI Affiliates around the world whose languages are written using Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Cyrillic characters, or other non-Western alphabets.

As SFI continues to grow around the world, effective communication with fellow Affiliates is becoming more important. Using TeamMail to send messages in your Affiliate’s native language helps create a bond with you (their sponsor) as well as a facilitating a better understanding of how to succeed in SFI. Learn more about writing e-mails to build your business.

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New Genealogy filter: Where do your CSAs come from?

This makes life so much easier, when you have hundreds of people and you are looking for specifics, this new category will help. Thanks SFI for making life so much easier.
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A new filter at your Genealogy report lets you filter your CSAs depending on their origin. Just access your Genealogy report, and select CSA Source from the second Filter dropdown menu. Then select the CSA source of your choice to see all your CSAs from that group.


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