Knockout Trivia to return next week!

Ok, get your boxing gloves on as KNOCKOUT TRIVIA will be back very soon…..should be in the next week…and boy will we all be busy in there trying to win….This is such an exciting time at SFI….

Come join us for the fun….!

SFI News

Two Boxers

Get ready, everyone!  Next week we will be relaunching our very popular Eager Zebra game, Knockout Trivia.  Watch for the official announcement for when the first match starts here.

Meanwhile, our new game, Card King, has been played over 125,000 times in its first week!  WOW!  And tens of thousands of dollars in prizes have been awarded to thousands of players!  If you haven’t yet played Card King, give it a try.  Your first two games daily are FREE!

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Bid & Build now bigger and better!

Bid and Build, now look at this…while your bidding in the Pricebender auctions, you are working towards a PSA assigned by SFI….that is so neat..just think, have fun bidding and getting prospects…..then you hop over and send them a “welcome” email… easy is that….thanks SFI!

SFI News

On November 11, 2014, we introduced and began testing a new program called Bid & Build, which allows you to build your team of PSAs while simply bidding at Pricebenders.

Here’s how the new Bid & Build program–which will go live at 10 am CT on Tuesday, February 17th, works:

Each time you bid at Pricebenders, you can be credited towards a new, freshly-generated SFI affiliate sign-up.  Once you reach 50 bids in an auction, you’ll automatically earn the new PSA (delivered typically within 5 days)!  It’s that easy…and it’s a 100% free bonus!  The new PSA will then be added to your genealogy and you can begin working with them!

So that you can follow your progress, all eligible auctions will now sport this banner:


With every bid, the blue background will rise and the counter number will increase towards the magic number of 50.

To start earning your free bonus…

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Expanded SFI Co-op Features

WOW! Now we can use any of our gateways to get prospects, that is, if you are an EA or above…this is absolutely wonderful for different areas we wish to market to. Thanks SFI, you keep making it better and better for all of us.

SFI News

As a result of our recent overhaul to the TripleClicks infrastructure, the SFI Co-op tool is now more powerful than ever! SFI EAs and above can now use any available Gateway to funnel their incoming co-op leads to their co-op participants. That gives you much greater flexibility when creating your marketing strategy for your co-op. It ALSO means you can choose to attract both personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) and personally referred TC Members (PRMs) for your co-op participants.

For more information about the SFI Co-op and why you should set one up for your growing downline, click HERE.

Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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New promo banners for Card King

My goodness, it just keeps getting better and better…now we have a CARD KING marketing tool, you cannot beat that…and look at all you win….also if you sign up people to play the games…any of the games… can earn 10% Zackpot matches also….WOW…this is Great! Thank you SFI

SFI News

SampleCK_BannerWe’re pleased today to let you know we’ve created five cool new banners for you to promote our new Eager Zebra game, CARD KING. These banners are perfect for your own websites and blogs…or use as paid ads on other websites around the world.

Why advertise Card King?  For each new PRM that you attract, you’ll earn 45% CV Direct Commissions on any TCredits purchased and used in Card King (or anywhere else on TripleClicks).  You’ll also earn 45% CV commissions on all other purchases they make, too, for as long as you remain an SFI affiliate!

On the left is a sample banner, but so that you are credited with all sign-ups, you’ll need to use the HTML code from our Marketing Center (which includes your SFI ID number).  Check out all five banners and grab the HTML you want HERE.


And don’t forget that if any of…

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Hail the new Eager Zebra game, CARD KING!

Earn 1 Action VP for each non-free entry (200 max. AVP from EZ games/per month)! This will help people at the end of the month when they need points, just go play CARDS at CARD KING!!!! WOW…thanks SFI

SFI News

The latest creation from the Eager Zebra game laboratory, Card King, is here!

CardKingLogoCard King challenges you to guess whether cards will be higher or lower than the previous card dealt to you.  Each card guessed correctly earns you points (the bolder your guess, the more points you earn), and bonus points can be won by building long straights.  On the way, there are a variety of hints and “lifelines,”–plus our brand new games-within-a-game SIDEKICKS–you can employ to help maximize your score.

Post one of the top 100 scores of the day to earn one or more shares of the big daily Card King Zackpot.

But that’s not all.  During every game, if you are dealt the same card twice in a row, you’ll get to spin for instant Bonus Prizes including:

  • MRP
  • TCredits
  • EZ Express tokens
  • S-Builder Co-op units
  • CSAs
  • VersaPoints

Card King also features the “King’s…

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One day ONLY: Get your Card King Premier Player badge!

I went to Card King and played 2 games, I got over 200 points, didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I had fun,fun, fun, and now I get another badge…how nice is that….Go get your badge before noon tomorrow the 13th….thanks SFI/and TripleClicks.

SFI News

To mark the big occasion and so that you can show the world that YOU were there on the day Eager Zebra’s new game Card King launched, we’ve created a special “Premier Player” badge:


This exclusive badge can only be acquired during the next 24 hours.  To add this very special badge to your personal badge collection, simply play Card King between now and noon, February 13th, 2015.  There can be no exceptions, so be sure to head over to Card King now and play now (first two games are FREE).

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