Updates: Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline

Sheriffs Refuse To Reinforce Cops At Standing Rock Some sheriff departments are refusing to send reinforcements to the police at Standing Rock. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turk…

Source: Updates: Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline


The International Reporter STILL HAS NOT MADE THE LIST! Dang!

I mean, this is simply embarrassing.To conclude, the mainstream media is getting exactly what it deserves. Its impact is spiraling into irrelevance, its “journalists” bordering on the comical, and its standards beneath those of individual bloggers with zero staff and no budget. To conclude, the only thing I can ask of readers is the following: Support alternative media now more than ever. Put your money where your mouth is and help defeat the fake news mainstream media once and for all.

Source: The International Reporter STILL HAS NOT MADE THE LIST! Dang!