SFI turns 17!

SFI is possible the next Amazon, or Ebay even, we are growing so rapidly and have not only kept up the pace, but excelled in every avenue and now the only competition left is Amazon and Ebay….woot woot!!! We are going somewhere and that somewhere is to the top!!! GET READY FOR IT!


Monday update on the cyber-attack

Don’t you feel safe from these boogers that keep trying to defraud us at SFI……SFI has gone to great links to prepare the way for all of us and I know for a fact that had this happened to others, they would not have been so lucky……we have SFI and they have our backs…I am most grateful to SFI/TC for all that they do for us……if you want to join a company that secures your information and watches out for your business, this is the place to be at SFI!

SFI Forum update

SFI Forum update.


Check it out, the support team, along with the staff and Mr. Gery Carson are working day and nite to get the ball rolling again in the FORUM….gosh how I miss the FORUM…so much knowledge there…just hang in the FORUM for one day and you can garner so much information…


Thanks Mr. Carson for the UPDATE on the FORUM…I am looking forward to the NEW items coming in the FORUM!!!



Currently under attack

If your having difficulty in getting into SFI and TC, we are under attack…..the company has GREAT security and they are looking after us….be patient, contact your team mates and let them know what is going on……keep calm, SFI has got this covered….We will be back in operation in no time at all…….the support staff and Mr. Carson are working to make things secure for ALL of us!