DON’T FORGET! This Tuesday, June 30th, is the deadline for…

If you are looking to build your team, now is the time to get your SBuilder set up for next month. If you have any questions regarding how to set it up, in the search bar on your homepage just type in SBuilder and it will bring up the information you need to complete the signup..and then you will start receiving your signups within a few days…
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Gold Streak is back!

I am glad they have brought Gold Streak back, a lot of people missed the game….the write up on the news letter regarding the game, helped me address my problems with GS, you see, I wanted to answer based on fact….so I have now learned something, that actually, was obvious, but I was too busy trying to win, rather than paying attention to the rules and the meaning of the game.
Thanks SFI, job well done…
I am grateful to SFI for noticing the “criminal” element in the gaming area…..we have much of this in various and sundry places and will have as long as there is an incentive attached…..some people just want something for nothing…..sad, but very true, they live amongest us..and we must try to do our business and disregard that element. SFI is on it and they will handle it…..
I would like to say that if you see something going on in the games, or any part of SFI, it is YOUR duty to report it to the PTB, and let them handle the problem….it is to the benefit of all that we remain a close knit family with a great desire to see SFI prosper, as well as our own businesses!
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