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VIDEO MB Obama Expedites ISLAMIC TERROR – Terrorists From Syria Sharia Islam Are Carrying Out Plans To Poison The Water In USA

We are not safe…we must learn how to protect ourselves from the invaders, that our president has allowed into this country…No longer can we rely on our leaders to SHOW us the way, we must find our own way and rely only our own resources, lest we perish.

Already the water (tap & bottled) in 42 states has been poisoned and there will be more I am sure of it. Be aware of your surroundings, God Save America.
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Terrorists From Syria Following Sharia Islam Are Carrying Out Plans To Poison The Water In The U.S.

Flor  Mar 30, 2016 By Walid Shoebat

No, we are not discussing Chlorine and industrial fluoride as thyroid disrupters. We are talking about  terrorists striking at water systems which is a real threat. Indeed, there is a long history of such attacks. Water infrastructure can be targeted directly or water can be contaminated through the introduction of poison or disease-causing agents. The damage is done by hurting people, rendering water unusable, or destroying purification and supply infrastructure.

“Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies” as posted by The Register on  March 24, 2016 is all presumed to have occurred on the U.S.

The “hacktivist” group with ties to Syria compromised Kemuri Water Company’s computers. The computer forensic experts from Verizon subsequently concluded:

Our endpoint forensic analysis revealed a linkage with the recent pattern of unauthorised…

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VIDEO Fed Judge Goes after Shauna Cox’s Right of Free Speech: Warns Her not to Speak Publicly about Oregon Standoff – Revelation

The witness that took videos of the shooting and knows what happened, is being silenced by a Judge……..the Judge has taken away her right to FREE speech in this country……WHAT WILL THEY DO NEXT?

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Federal Judge Goes after Shauna Cox’s Rights of Free Speech: Warns Her not to Speak Publicly about Oregon Standoff

First Amendment prohibit gov suppression of embarrassing info

Mar 30, 2016 by Tim Brown

On Tuesday, a federal judge threatened Shauna Cox with jail is she made any public comments about the Oregon standoff.

The 59-year-old Cox was the woman who filmed the inside-the-truck video footage of LaVoy Finicum’s murder on January 26, 2016.

According to US District Judge Robert E. Jones said, “She’s not going to make any public comment, at all, period, or she could sit in jail.”

Cox was released from custody on January 29. However, she has been under home detention since that time.

Oregon Live reports:

The judge told Cox she must refrain from making any comments by phone or social media about her case “or any future protest movements.”

Tiffany Harris, Cox’s lawyer, objected to the scope of the order, but said…

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