Pricebenders Auto-Bidder Update

The Auto Bidder is back, wow, that was a long haul, waiting for it…I personally like the AB…not everyone feels the same..I think it actually saves me money…but there are various and sundry opinions….I am just glad it is back!!! Thank You SFI!

SFI News

After two days of testing auctions with no auto-bidding, and hearing from many of you, we’ve concluded that there is indeed a need for this tool at Pricebenders.

Therefore, effective immediately, the auto-bidder (AB) will return to some Pricebenders tiers.

  • 1WA and Junior auctions (our auctions designed for new bidders) will NOT have the AB option.
  • Big Dog auctions will have the AB option.
  • Other tiers that are designed for experienced Pricebenders bidders will have a mixture (some auctions will have it, some will not).

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we test different configurations to determine what is best for all Pricebenders participants.

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SFI Suggestion Box now at the Forum

If you have suggestions for SFI, you can now go to the FORUM and find the Suggestion Thread to enter your statements or questions regarding things in SFI! The Affiliates know best what is needed in the field, way to go SFI, you have done it again, made it so much easier for we the Affiliates, we Thank YOU!!!

SFI News

As many affiliates are already aware, SFI’s growing success is in large part due to the innovative feedback and creative input of our affiliates. We’re now making the suggestion submission process even better with a new Suggestion Box addition to the Forum!

Effective immediately, SFI affiliates can submit their suggestions for improving SFI at the Forum, where they will be vetted and “brainstormed” by the amazing SFI Forum community of affiliates. In this way, we expect that more innovative, productive, and common sense suggestions will be implemented faster and more efficiently.

Of course, if you have a suggestion you don’t wish to be made public, you can still submit a ticket at the SFI Support Desk.

Forum Discussion

Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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DON’T FORGET! This Tuesday, March 31st, is the deadline for…

March 31st deadline for getting SBuilder for the month, so get yours today and don’t delay….start building your business the right way!

SFI News

icon-blog_sfiThis Tuesday, March 31st, is the last day…

1. To get in on the March S-Builder Co-op. Just plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving signups (both SFI affiliates and TC members). Just 72 cents a day gets you on your way; it’s one of most economical ways to build an online business ever! For complete details, extensive FAQs, and an order link for S-Builder, see the S-Builder central info page.

2. To retain your Executive Affiliate status for March. If you’re under 1,500 VersaPoints for this month, get to your SFI Homepage at the Affiliate Center right away and see your SFI To-Do List for a list of ways to acquire the points you need.

3. To vote for March‘s TripleClicks Song Of The Month. Please drop by the TripleClicks Music Center today and help us pick this month’s…

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3-Day SALE on $1.99 PSAs To Go!

Get your PSAs and build your team today, for only $1.99 each no limit on the quantity as few or as many as you want…How neat…Build your business right here! No need to go anywhere else to get people interested in your business! Thanks SFI!

SFI News

Unlimited PSAs To Go for just $1.99 each!

Spring is here and it’s a great time to grow your SFI business!  For the next three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) you can order as many PSAs To Go for just $1.99 each.  Any quantity, as few or as many as you want! And for this special sale, a Standing Order for S-Builder Co-op is not required!

Each PSA will be assigned to YOU as their sponsor to help boost your SFI business, strengthen your team, and increase your potential earning power.


As their personal sponsor, you’ll earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume) each time your PSA places an order at And that’s just the beginning. Teach your new PSAs how to sponsor and duplicate, and your PSAs can eventually become a group of thousands of affiliates in your downline. For each that becomes an EA2, you can earn lucrative Matching…

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Important New Group Mailing Policy

Ok, pay attention to the new announcement as it will affect all of us…..emails are clogging the system… Mr. Carson as design a way to narrow down the emails being sent out, by limiting how many you can send in a week…unnecessary mailings must be addressed….you must find ways to change your mailings if you exceed your limit.

One of the suggestions was using stream to reach your PSAs…I like this….

Another way would be to let your people know that they need to check your LP Page from time to time and find out what is going on from you….

I think these are good suggestions, will activate some of the slower affiliates and make them more active, I hope.

Thanks SFI.

SFI News

With SFI’s massive growth over the last couple years, group mailings by affiliates have become an issue.

Every day, around the clock, huge mailings totaling hundreds of thousands of emails, are being sent out.  We have determined that this massive amount of email distribution and its impact on our servers is now regularly causing vital corporate messages to be significantly delayed or not sent out at all (important notices of all kinds, newsletters, and more).  This is of course extremely harmful on numerous levels.

So why not just beef up our servers?  We wish it was that simple!  But with millions of emails going out daily, some of the major email services are responding by “gray-listing” (temporarily blocking us)–which could easily lead to black-listing (permanently blocking of all emails from SFI).  If we can’t get our critical emails to our affiliates, and you can’t get your emails to your downline, this could be…

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New ECA Referral Gateway!

Well SFI has done it again, they have improved the ECA(Electronic Commerce Associates) program….new gateway and all….check it out…tell your friends to advertise their business FREE as an ECA….to over 1.3 million people daily……This is awesome……If you know of a business please give them my ECA gateway and tell them to sign up I get 100 Versa Points when they do and I earn 10% off of their sales…for life! How awesome is that…now my gateway is….
Happy Shopping!
The Finder

SFI News

We’re pleased today to announce a brand new gateway for signing up ECAs.


Check it out at:        XXXXX = your SFI ID number

Refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway.  For each ECA approved, you’ll earn an immediate 100 VP when that ECA lists their first product AND up to 10% of the CV (Commission Volume) on ALL of their sales at TripleClicks–for life! 

For more ECA marketing aids, see:

Learn more about the ECA program at:

For numerous ECA referral tips and ideas, see:

Today’s gateway is just the beginning of numerous improvements and additional marketing aids we’ll be introducing over the coming months.

Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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