Important New Group Mailing Policy

Ok, pay attention to the new announcement as it will affect all of us…..emails are clogging the system… Mr. Carson as design a way to narrow down the emails being sent out, by limiting how many you can send in a week…unnecessary mailings must be addressed….you must find ways to change your mailings if you exceed your limit.

One of the suggestions was using stream to reach your PSAs…I like this….

Another way would be to let your people know that they need to check your LP Page from time to time and find out what is going on from you….

I think these are good suggestions, will activate some of the slower affiliates and make them more active, I hope.

Thanks SFI.

New ECA Referral Gateway!

Well SFI has done it again, they have improved the ECA(Electronic Commerce Associates) program….new gateway and all….check it out…tell your friends to advertise their business FREE as an ECA….to over 1.3 million people daily……This is awesome……If you know of a business please give them my ECA gateway and tell them to sign up I get 100 Versa Points when they do and I earn 10% off of their sales…for life! How awesome is that…now my gateway is….
Happy Shopping!
The Finder