New color coding for homepage tabs

Well it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at SFI, what with all the new gifts SFI has given the Affiliates, but now we have Christmas on the Alerts Page….yeah, Red and Green tabs to keep us alert as to what is going on with our VPs, red for the not earned yet, green means you have already earned the vp for the day….WTG SFI!

SFI News

As a way of providing better feedback via visual cues, we have modified the color coding system on the tabs on your SFI homepage.  Here’s the new system:

  • GRAY represents a tab for which no VersaPoints are offered.
  • RED represents a tab with a VersaPoint available to be earned.
  • GREEN represents a tab for which today’s VersaPoint has already been earned and awarded to you.

We hope you like the new color coding system!

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Gold Streak now offering two FREE games daily!

SFI has done it again, they have made the game “Gold Streak” a lot more fun as they are giving us 2 free games to get warmed up… go play the 2 free games, get your STREAK on and win win win….!

SFI News

Like Card King, you can now play our popular game, Gold Streak, FREE every day!

Each day you may play two games free, plus up to 13 additional games for TCredits or EZ Express tokens, as follows:

  • Game 1 = free
  • Game 2 = free
  • Game 3 = 1 TCredit
  • Game 4 = 1 TCredit
  • Game 5 = 1 TCredit
  • Game 6 = 1 TCredit
  • Game 7 = 2 TCredits
  • Game 8 = 2 TCredits
  • Game 9 = 2 TCredits
  • Game 10 = 3 TCredits
  • Game 11 = 3 TCredits
  • Game 12 = 3 TCredits
  • Game 13 = 1 EZ Express
  • Game 14 = 1 EZ Express
  • Game 15 = 1 EZ Express

To start playing, just head over to:

TIP: With these free games in place, it’s now easier than ever to refer friends to Gold Streak (and generate new PRMs).  Let them know what your longest streak is…

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Native languages now supported at the Forum

Oh yes! This cold be just the ticket to increase our downlines…..people need to learn in their own language….I love it…..Bonjour!

SFI News

screenshot_248Effective immediately, we are now allowing posts to be submitted in your native language for the following two sub-forums:

You’ll find one of these sub-forums on the main forum index at:

If your country has enough affiliates to qualify, you’ll see the “My Country” sub-forum for your country of residence. If not, you’ll see a regional sub-forum which includes your country and other nearby countries.

When posting in these sub-forums (or adding threads), you may now use your native language.


This is a TEST.  We hope, by allowing native languages, that the forum can provide an even more powerful resource for our affiliates for whom English is a second language.  However, with this new dynamic, our regular moderators–who do not speak every language–will of course be unable to fully moderate posts in these sub-forums.  Hence, we need our…

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New Top Seller and Top Sponsor badges

Two NEW badges, wow TC Top Seller and #1 in Top Sponsors, that will make some people go to work….GREAT IDEA SFI!

SFI News

NewAtSFI-FBToday, we introduce two new badges to recognize our up-and-coming SFI leaders.

The new Top Seller badge is awarded to the top 100 affiliates ranked by retail sales. Calculated based on the sum of PRM sales over the last six months, the Top Seller badge is updated once a month, after commissions have been processed.


The new Top Sponsor badge will be awarded to affiliates who appear on the Top Sponsors Leaderboard.


If you appear on the Top Sponsors Leaderboard, you’ll get the basic badge. If you rank 51 to 100 on the Leaderboard, you’ll  get a bronze trim; sponsors ranked from 11 to 50 get a silver trim; and the top 10 sponsors on the Leaderboard get the prestigious gold trim.

View all SFI badges available HERE.

Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this…

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New “Mighty TCredits” page

The “Mighty TCredits”, what would we do without them….they are basically the basis for earning at SFI/TC…if you don’t have TCredits, you cannot bid, or play some of the games….and those TCredits, get cheaper and cheaper by the dozen!!! Come see what you can do with TCredits, in the Auctions! WOW..

SFI News

Mighty TCredits logo

Every day, TCredits are playing a bigger and bigger role at TripleClicks.  So we thought they deserved their own special page highlighting the many things you can use TCredits for.

That new page is now live and located at:

Tip: If you wish to refer a prospect directly to this page, just insert your SFI ID like so:

XXXX = your SFI ID

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New individual/group win limits at Pricebenders

I love the adjustments that have been made to the Pricebenders auctions, that way, everybody gets a chance to be a winner…thanks SFI, you have done it again, surprised all of us!

SFI News

screenshot_193Effectively immediately, we’ve installed a new win limits system for Pricebenders.

It works like this:  For most products, we’ve set a specific limit of how often you can win that item.  For the majority of physical items, the limit is once every 30 days.  But there are also many other products, especially digital products, where the limit is once per day, five days, or ten days.  And for products such as the 3-month TCredits subscription, the limit is one win per 90 days.

In setting these limits, we’ve asked the question:  “How often should a typical bidder be allowed to win this item, and what is fair and appropriate for this specific product?”  And we’ve set the limits accordingly.

Of course, there are several types of products that are very similar.  An example would be TCredits packs.  Another example would be iPads.  Another example would be CSAs.  For items…

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New Pricebenders “Under-Performer” auctions

Well I am watching one of these “UP” auctions now, and it is going great…..everybody is excited about the new Under Performer status for auctions….I really think this will stir some people who have not previously played the games, to get up there and bid….WTG SFI!

SFI News

BOOM!  We’ve just created a new type of auction we call “Under-Performers.”

screenshot_191Under-Performers are auction products that, um, haven’t performed well, and have been getting auctioned off for very few bids and HUGE savings.   Specifically, Under Performers are products that have auctioned off for at least 95% off the retail price for the last five auctions (at least).

Such items of course represent products that should be easier to win due to their clear lack of popularity.  So to help you win them, these items are now flagged for you on the auction schedule.  You’ll find them marked with the “UP” code on the schedule.

Note: Once an item breaks its streak of 5 straight auctions/minimum of 95% off, the item will longer be denoted with the “UP” code.

Happy bidding!

Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI…

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