New Action VP available

Excellent! Now you can get 15 AVPs and get your avatar too…SFI thinks of everything and rewards everything we do, how great is that! Thanks SFI


New SFI Badges!

Wow, just what I like, my badges trimmed in gold, I mean gold is a girls best friend…..look out now! I’m gonna get me some!!!

Come on into SFI and get your badges trimmed in gold!

Thanks SFI

New at TripleClicks: Four New TCredits Packs for Affiliates!

Can you imagine how many of us TLs will be knocking the door down buying up these TCredits…..Gery’s goin to the bank…lol….

Seriously folks, this is an opportunity for you to be able to grow your business….

This is GREAT NEWS, and SFI just announced it! So hurry on over to TripleClicks and get your TCredits now, so you can WIN BIG in the auctions.
The Finder

January’s TC Music “Song of the Month” contest is now up and running

What a way to get your song noticed and we can earn at the same time…..33 artist already entered this month, we are on our way…..if you vote and download the artist song, you get 50 vp per month and that is AVP. You also earn 5 MRP to buy more credits to download more songs…so go now and vote and download the songs.

If your a Wave3 member, like I am you get a free download of the winning song…at the end of the month….how about that.

See you at the top!