Report: Nearly One Million Illegal Aliens Defy Deportation Orders – Including 170,000 Criminals…

WOW, help me understand this… ‘Obama wants to deport them…but I thought he was against deporting anyone… what does this tell us??? I am at a loss, unless there is another motive….which very likely could be the case……so what is the puff puff, huff huff, all about anyway……round them up through ICE and deport them, simple as 1 ,2 and 3…..or is there a reason WHY they are not being rounded up….such as, making us believe they are trying to round them up….omg…..confusion, confusion, confusion, just what they want, except, WE THE PEOPLE are not confused, they are……WE know who is lying, WE know who is telling the truth….WE THE PEOPLE HAVE AWAKENED, WE ARE MANY and WE ARE EVERYWHERE…….selah~


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