VIDEO Show This to a Hillary Supporter, From Benghazi to Belgium, Hillary Has Blood On Her Hands

This is a small array of some of the Clintonista Crime Family and how it has managed to grow over the last 40 years. Besides having aspired to being communist in their college days, they joined forces and set about to infiltrate the Western way of life, and bring a progressive form of socialistic/communism called collectiveism….to America….by subversion rather than an out and out teaching of their ideology. They knew the damage it would do, however, financially it would benefit them and their crime family to come “in the back door”, rather than be up front about their beliefs….

They knew that many Americans died and others maimed fighting communism, they knew it would be a hard sell……so these two treasonous criminals chose to set up shop in our country.

If you think back and remember the Rosenbergs who did much less than the Clintonista Crime family ever did…and WE IN AMERICA, hanged them…..

These criminals need to be brought to justice and their injustices towards the American people and our way of life be told to the American people, they must be tried for TREASON…….the sooner the better…….

By voting for TRUMP for President, I feel that we can achieve these goals, and I feel like every member of congress that helped to cover up their deeds needs to be fired and their pensions taken away…WE THE PEOPLE have spoken,,,,,,,WE ARE TIRED of the criminals running our country…….WE NEED LEADERSHIP AND WE NEED IT NOW…..


Reclaim Our Republic

hot hillary -devil

Mar 24, 2016 by Dave Hodges

Did you know that Senator Lindsay Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, told fellow Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton before voting for Donald Trump? Is he out of his mind. Actually, he is, but that is another story for another time. Hillary Clinton is one of the most infamous figures in American history. She has a trail of bodies and corruption longer than any other politician in the history of the United States.

The following is a list of documentable legal transgressions by Hillary Clinton. When the reader has satisfied themselves that the allegations are in fact true, then I would ask that you would take this article and circulate it far and wide. We can never allow Hillary to set foot in the Oval office as the President of the United States.

hillary stopped 2016

As the nation’s media is consumed with disparaging Donald Trump…

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