VIDEO FBI Agents Under Criminal Investigation in LaVoy Finicum Murder

The powers that be will never admit to the assassination of LaVoy Finicum, one can only hope that someday this will all end.. The stealing of land from its rightful owner and then shooting those that came to help, is indicative of the way things have turned around in this country. We the people are now the unted….God Bless America!

Reclaim Our Republic

FBI Agents Under Criminal Investigation in LaVoy Finicum Murder

While the Justice Department determined that Oregon State Troopers were justified in shooting and killing Oregon Protestor LaVoy Finicum, it also announced that five FBI agents are under a criminal investigation for failing to report one agent firing two additional rounds.

LaVoy Finicum Shooting

Federal officials announced Tuesday that while they justified the shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum when a group of protestors was apprehended in January, FBI agents involved in the encounter are being investigated for firing shots that were not reported.

Finicum, 54, was part of a group of protestors occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Burns, Oregon. He was shot and killed on Jan. 26, after the FBI confronted the protestors’ vehicle while it was traveling along U.S. Highway 395.

Following an investigation into the shooting by the Justice Department, Malheur County District Attorney…

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