This is vitally important to every citizen…we must fight this tooth and toenail…but FIRST, we need to educate ourselves as to what the “elite” have in store for us…..go to TheMarshallReport and check it out…..please please, watch all 3 videos, especially the third one as it explains some things YOU need to hear…..We have been lied to by the establishment, and now they want to join us with other countries and we will lose our sovreignty by allowing our gov’t to go ahead with what they are calling the North American Union(NAU)…


Lou Dobbs is one of the very rare breed of reporters that speak of the things we are not supposed to speak of . One of those unspeakable things is the North American Union and the new world order.  Little “unknown bloggers” like myself are to be deemed nuts, crazy, and absolutely ignorant conspiracy nuts to speak of any of this.  Why is that?  I have often asked, especially since all of this information is on the United Nations website and it spells out all the plans specifically with time frames of achieving all the plans.

One of the major things they are reporting today is that they are behind schedule. Another thing one of their off shoot think tanks expressed in 2014 (the Council on Foreign Relations, yes the same council Heidi Cruz was a part of for five years) was that the president for 2016 must have North American…

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