Know Your Enemy

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It is time to make our voices heard….Know Your Enemy! Be aware of what the enemy poses and what you can do about it…..time to stand up and be counted.

They were standing up in Oregon, not everyone will agree that the way they did it was not the correct way, however, they stood up and they will be heard…because the SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD…the assassination of LaVoy Finicum will bring a morsel of change and head us in the right direction.

We must arm ourselves with the Constitution and our Rights under the law of this land and not let the naysayers, or the ENEMY WITHIN destroy us. We will have to stand when no one else wishes to stand. We must be heard. We demand our grievances be heard in a court of law….WE THE PEOPLE must fan the FLAMES OF FREEDOM, that is what LaVoy Finicum

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