TeamMail Update: Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, and other non-Western alphabets supported

This is an excellent,much needed, and long overdue step in the right direction.

My compliments to “the chef” who cooked this up, GREAT move forward and will keep us right on the competition!

The Finder

SFI News

SFI News Square IconThe SFI system now supports non-Western alphabets and characters in the PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, and TeamMail at your Genealogy report. Use this new functionality to create and send messages to fellow SFI Affiliates around the world whose languages are written using Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Cyrillic characters, or other non-Western alphabets.

As SFI continues to grow around the world, effective communication with fellow Affiliates is becoming more important. Using TeamMail to send messages in your Affiliate’s native language helps create a bond with you (their sponsor) as well as a facilitating a better understanding of how to succeed in SFI. Learn more about writing e-mails to build your business.

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