New individual/group win limits at Pricebenders

I love the adjustments that have been made to the Pricebenders auctions, that way, everybody gets a chance to be a winner…thanks SFI, you have done it again, surprised all of us!

SFI News

screenshot_193Effectively immediately, we’ve installed a new win limits system for Pricebenders.

It works like this:  For most products, we’ve set a specific limit of how often you can win that item.  For the majority of physical items, the limit is once every 30 days.  But there are also many other products, especially digital products, where the limit is once per day, five days, or ten days.  And for products such as the 3-month TCredits subscription, the limit is one win per 90 days.

In setting these limits, we’ve asked the question:  “How often should a typical bidder be allowed to win this item, and what is fair and appropriate for this specific product?”  And we’ve set the limits accordingly.

Of course, there are several types of products that are very similar.  An example would be TCredits packs.  Another example would be iPads.  Another example would be CSAs.  For items…

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