All-new SFIM (Chat) is here!

Wow, what a way to start April with a new message system, a long awaited surprise….this is great and everything you need is right there…I opened SFI today and there it was, something new and I love it…try it, great way to reach your A2A friends and chat….or your PSAs and chat…thanks SFI! Good way to train newbies also.

SFI News

screenshot_181We are very excited today to unveil our brand new SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging)!  SFIM has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to provide a plethora of great, new features.


  • A visual alert is displayed in the top right corner of every Affiliate Center page letting you know when you’ve received a message.
  • Initiate chats even when the the other person is not currently online (they’ll be alerted to your chat attempt the next time they visit the Affiliate Center).
  • SFIM automatically includes your sponsor and co-sponsor and your complete A2A friends list.
  • The FAVORITES list allows you to add and remove upline and downline members whenever you want
  • SFIM remembers who you’ve chatted with most recently.  These persons are automatically displayed on your RECENT list.
  • Engage in simultaneous chats with different persons.
  • For a personal touch, all chats feature the SFI account photos of the persons chatting.
  • Change…

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