New at TripleClicks: Four New TCredits Packs for Affiliates!

Can you imagine how many of us TLs will be knocking the door down buying up these TCredits…..Gery’s goin to the bank…lol….

Seriously folks, this is an opportunity for you to be able to grow your business….

This is GREAT NEWS, and SFI just announced it! So hurry on over to TripleClicks and get your TCredits now, so you can WIN BIG in the auctions.
The Finder

SFI News

Now at the store: Four NEW TCredit Packs–exclusively for SFI Affiliates AND with the maximum SVP requirements for Team Leaders!

Available in packs of 240, 300, 360, and 420, these new TCredit Packs are some of our very best deals on TCredits. And with 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3500 VP respectively, the Packs will ensure you get the SVP you need to meet your BTL, STL, GTL, and PTL requirements every month!

Choose the one that best suits your budget. Consider setting up a Standing Order to ensure TCredits and VP every month (and save 9% off MSRP!):

TCredits – 240 pack — $76.80 w/2000 VP
TCredits – 300 pack — $96.00 w/2500 VP
TCredits – 360 pack — $115.20 w/3000 VP
TCredits – 420 pack — $134.40 w/3500 VP

As you know, TripleClicks TCredits are ESSENTIAL for taking full advantage of the services available to TripleClicks members. TCredits…

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