Fall Leadership Challenge Winners

Can you believe these winners….if you did not participate, then you lost out on some good winnings…!

Play to win….it is all up to YOU!

SFI News

Leadership Challenge Logo

We are pleased to announce the names of the 267 SFI affiliates who qualified for our 2014 Fall Leadership Challenge contest–which ended December 31, 2014: peruse all Level 1 though Level 5 winners HERE.

We tip our hats to all our Leadership Challenge winners for their accomplishments!  CONGRATULATIONS!

We’d also like to especially recognize the following 32 affiliates who qualified for Level 5:

  • Alfredo Cella
  • Amir Hussain
  • Anil Thapa
  • Ante Vidović
  • Brian Futureco
  • Brian Mario Fernandes
  • Chris Simpson
  • Cynthia Minnaar
  • Emmanuel Salmasan
  • Erich Winnecke
  • Ewen Chia Ti Wah
  • Fabrizio Perotti
  • Ghulam Hussain
  • Giuseppe Francavilla
  • John Gilmore
  • Joseph Morni
  • Jude Xavier
  • Khamis Khamis
  • Loris Simcic Srok
  • Manzoor Hussain
  • Mirjana Celic
  • Olivera Fancikic
  • Prince Boro
  • Quan Nguyen
  • Renata Peterka
  • Sidi Zidani
  • Stone Evans
  • Traffic Swarm
  • Umer Gull
  • Vladimir Golovashev
  • Zafer Iqbal
  • Zlatko Porga

Great job! We at SFI thank you all for your fantastic leadership within the SFI community.  YOU ROCK!

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