Time to get your TripleClicks avatar!

Have you created your avatar…if not, it is that time…hurry now….show me when you get it done, I want to see how talented you are. Go NOW!

SFI News

We love making SFI and TripleClicks FUN, and today we’re tickled to introduce personalized member avatars for our TripleClicks members!

What’s an avatar?  An avatar is an image you choose that will represent you at TripleClicks.  But unlike photos, they still offer you a high level of privacy/security.

TripleClicks will be using avatars exclusively from pickaface.net.  Here’s just a tiny sampling of the types of avatars you can create using pickaface.net.  Aren’t they awesome?!


The degree of personalization is virtually unlimited.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, clothing, glasses, and more can all be personalized however you like.  You can make your avatar look just like you…or feel free to get silly and create a distinctive “alter ego” version of yourself!  But don’t forget to smile!

To get your avatar in place, just head over to http://www.tripleclicks.com/myaccount/avatar and follow the simple directions.  Note that no purchase is required to create…

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