Pricebenders Policy Changes

It is sad that SFI has to change their policies because certain types of people do not obey the rules. I think this is a good suggestion though it will affect many who like to bid on anything in the auctions. If you cannot receive it in your country, why bid on it, why take the chance….I understand that you can resell it, maybe even in other venues, but those that do this have caused great conflict for SFI, so the new policies must be applied. Thank you SFI for your continued watch and perseverence in keeping SFI safeguarded for those of us that would like to earn a living doing this business.

SFI News

PricebendersLogo1. Effective immediately, to protect bidders who fail to read product descriptions and bid on products that law does not allow us to ship to you, bidding is now automatically prevented on products you are ineligible to receive.

Example: India and Pakistan law (not United States law) does not allow us to ship electronics into your countries.  Hence, if you live in India or Pakistan, you can no long bid on electronics.  Special Note:  We used to allow winners of such items to have their winning items shipped to friends or relatives in the United States.  Unfortunately, this has been grossly abused so, regrettably, we can no longer offer this option.

2. We are now limiting wins on TCredit packs of 300, 400, and 500 to no more than once per 24-hour period.  This policy should, of course, make it much easier for everyone to win TCredit packs!

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