The all-new SFI Forum is here!

Wow, a new FORUM…this is great…I cannot wait to read all the new information, I learn so much from the FORUM….come join us at the FORUM and find out for yourself.

SFI News


We’re extremely excited today to debut our awesome new SFI Forum! Here are a few reasons for our excitement:

1. Up until today–for 15+ years–the SFI Forum has operated on third-party software (and all the limits that come with using off-the-shelf software). No more!  The new SFI Forum has now been completely built from scratch by US, designed exactly how we want it.   This means we now can TIGHTLY integrate our forum with the entire SFI Affiliate Center and system in ways we could never do before.  And while we’re launching with a somewhat bare-bones feature set today (so as not to delay the launch any longer), there’s now almost no limit to what we can do with the forum!  Indeed, numerous powerful additional features will be added over the coming weeks.

2. The new forum adds a significant layer of new security to the Affiliate Center.  With third-party…

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