Monday update on the cyber-attack

Don’t you feel safe from these boogers that keep trying to defraud us at SFI……SFI has gone to great links to prepare the way for all of us and I know for a fact that had this happened to others, they would not have been so lucky……we have SFI and they have our backs…I am most grateful to SFI/TC for all that they do for us……if you want to join a company that secures your information and watches out for your business, this is the place to be at SFI!

SFI News

We are continuing to work through the various portions of our sites that are causing errors. Please bear with us. Our IT staff has also been busy building new back-end security features into the system. We also are in talks with an identity protection service to bring their services to our affiliates.

We will continue to award daily VP and restore VP streaks for those who are not yet able to log in. Please do not submit tickets at this time about daily VP or your streak.

Speaking of tickets, we currently have a backlog of thousands of tickets that our Support staff is working through as quickly as possible. Until we can catch up, we ask that you please not submit any tickets right now unless they are truly necessary. Some affiliates are submitting hundreds of duplicate tickets and this only slows everyone down and creates even more frustration…

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