Do Not Leave Money On The Table

You are probably asking yourself “do I leave money on the table”?…some of you do, however, we are here to show you where you can correct these measures and start building your empire.

Strong Future International advertises to the masses, by this I mean, we are in over 130 countries and we advertise on a massive scale, thus we advertise to the masses.

This means that millions see are advertising and want to join for various and sundry reasons…either the auctions, or the business opportunity, or FREE gifts, whatever their reasons for joining the majority of sign-ups do not realize what they have done by signing up in such a business.

In the following video Gery Carson, founder of Strong Future International tells how to get started and gives us an overall view of the company.



Our job as Affiliates in the company is to advertise to a targeted market and find people who are truly interested in building a business.

To find such people to join any venture, you must first qualify them, do they have the work ethic to accomplish such a task, as the rewards do not come overnight.

Second – Are they able to purchase items from TripleClicks (their own store) that they are given when joining Strong future International?

Three – Are they capable of leading a team of people into the market place and teach them the skills that will be needed to succeed in business?

If you qualify the person you are trying to recruit, then you have a targeted market.

When building your “list”, you must take these things into consideration as they are very important.

You may get 1000 leads and only one be qualified…the same amount of effort and money could have well been spent on a qualified lead….so when buying leads, make sure that they are targeted business, double opt-in leads. In other words people that are looking for what you are selling!

There are many companies out there that will take your money for leads and give you old or out dated material…there are some good ones however that will give you good leads for your business opportunity…

Check with friends and business acquaintenances to see whom they are using and follow suit….it is just trial and error…it is a learning curve and part of the pains of growing your business.  What suits one person may not suit another person.

I have several lead companies I use and I have one that the owner is a friend and he has very good business opt-in leads…I sell leads and I buy leads…I share leads with many friends and acquaintenances that may need leads from time to time…

Building a business online has many similarities to a brick and mortar business in that there is overhead and in the beginning, there are start up costs.

Joining Strong Future International(SFI) is FREE, however, at some time or other to earn a commission from the company, you will have to build a team and sponsor other people and they must purchase from the company in order for you to make money.

SFI gives you the tools and the training and shows you how to build the business and they also have the SBuilder which gives you people for your downline and then you become a Team Leader and you must understand the business to Lead anyone…so you have to study the material, while you are studying the material you can earn points that help you get to the rank and then it requires that you spend money to maintain your business, kind of like paying rent on a brick and mortar business.









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