Special announcement for fantasy football fans

Great new games are being added for all of the players at TripleClicks, what a way to keep the people coming back to your site!

SFI News

We have THREE brand new and exciting Eager Zebra games that will be debuting the first week of September.

Two of these are games for fans of the NFL (National Football League) and Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football, if you are not aware, is one of THE most popular online games in the world.  It is estimated that more than 36 million people play some form of Fantasy Football each week of the NFL season!

So that our affiliates may tap into this MEGA HUGE marketplace, we are rolling out PICK OR PUNT and TD TALLY:

Pick Or Punt Image

ABOUT PICK OR PUNT: Think you know the NFL?  Predict the winner of each game each week.  Survive the upsets and finish amongst the top prognosticators and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.”  Plus, compete for the top spots on the Pick Or Punt Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Play each week…

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2 thoughts on “Special announcement for fantasy football fans

  1. Hello Emily, first of all…I hope things are going well with you, secondly, thank you for always posting your blogs with ref: to SFI News. That brings me to my question, how do you re-post those to your website….I just hit a new site and would like to start doing the same. I appreciate your cooperation. In this matter. Take care and be safe.

    Cheers…/…Joe Hudson.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hey Joe, I am doing a little bit better…been very sick and hospitalized for a week…but things are going a little better for the moment. Thanks for asking.

      To answer your question…go to Alerts page and click on the News items, which ever one you want to cover, when the page comes up, rate it, then like it and then click on reblog, and then a box will come up where you can insert your wordpress blog, and then submit….you can make your own comment regarding the “NEWS” item! This is a very handy thing for bloggers that SFI and WordPress have worked out for us….

      Glad you like it, you will find it very helpful and time saving too.

      Hope this finds you well and very successful.


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