Show us your stuff!

This is a wonderful idea, so innovative!

SFI News

Starting last week, we began shipping out the prize packages for our 260+ awesome inaugural Leadership Challenge winners! Prizes included brand new, exclusive SFI keychains, mugs, mouse pads, silver bars, and more.

When you receive your prize(s), we’d like to see a photograph of you with your prize(s) uploaded to this SFI Forum thread:

And to make it even more fun, we’re going to award 100 free TCredits for the three best photos submitted. So, as soon as you receive your package, take a fun photo and post it here on this thread (use the “Upload attachment” button).

Didn’t participate in the Winter Leadership Challenge?  That’s okay; you can still help us pick our winning photos once they start appearing.  Just head over to this thread and click the “like” button for your favorite photo(s).

The photos that receive the most likes AND that get judged the best by SFI president…

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