Give Away Stuff for Free and Grow Your Business

Give Away Stuff for Free and Grow Your Business

Published on: 22-Mar-13 By Janine Popick, CEO, VerticalResponse

This is an excellent article, give away stuff for FREE and grow your busines,  and every blogger, every marketeer and every ecommerce affiliate should read this information. 

Everyone loves a gift, if you give them an ebook, something to help educate them on what you are about or on what you want to talk to them about then you can indoctrinate them into your way of thinking easier!

I give away gift certificates, gift cards, ebooks, but I especially like the gift cards…they are worth $12.00 and you can take them to the auctions and win things.  They are very popular right now…if you would like a gift card, just let me know in by click on this link and I will get one to you!

Incentives will drive a person to purchase, sooner or later…

Social Media, is another avenue for you to pursue. I picked up a customer by answering her need in the social media arena and she joined my company….

Find the many ways that Janine talks about in her article at http://www.Small Business and let her know where you found her article here We are not too proud!

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